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Alexa Johns is a Brooklyn based creative soul.

Aries Sun ▪ Scorpio Rising ▪ Pisces Moon

While combining a broad variety of traditional artistic mediums with contemporary materials and approaches, Alexa's mixed media visual art dips into the surreal realm with bold graphic movements, bright contrasting colors, and a not-so-subtle tone of personality.


Dedicated to understanding the wide array of energies that reside within herself, there is a chaotic yet controlled feeling which emits from the organic structures, forming an abstract world bursting with magic. They mirror not only her external life in New York, but also her internal, more personal experience through the darkness of an unconscious life towards focusing on the beautifully intense range of hues which life can be. The overlapping and disjointed movements create order within disorder, capturing the vibrancy of the city which drew her to it.


Alexa graduated from Savannah College of Art and Design after growing up in Atlanta, Georgia, and has had a prolific career as a fashion model. She also works independently with various boutique agencies, startups, and freelance projects spanning multiple creative industries which include set design, event production, corporate sales, and brand development. 

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